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Current situation

Temporary researcher (CDD chercheur) at CNRS in “Le Cocon” team at LBBE.
Working on comparative genomics, high-performance bayesian inference and software engineering for high-performance bioinformatics.
Work done in the context of the convergenomix ANR project.
Started on 2016/11/01.


On Scalable Reconfigurable Component Models for HPC
(Modèles à composants reconfigurables et passant à l’échelle pour le calcul haute performance)
Under the direction of Christian Pérez
LIP laboratory, AVALON team, funded by ENS de Lyon
Starting date: 2012/10/01, defended on 2015/12/10
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Component-based programming is a programming paradigm which eases code reuse and separation of concerns. Some component models, which are said to be “reconfigurable”, allow the modification at runtime of an application’s structure. However, these models are not suited to High-Performance Computing (HPC) as they rely on non-scalable mechanisms.

The goal of this thesis is to provide models, algorithms and tools to ease the development of component-based reconfigurable HPC applications.The main contribution of the thesis is the DirectMOD component model which eases development and reuse of distributed transformations. In order to improve on this core model in other directions, we have also proposed:

An implementation of DirectMOD, called DirectL2C, as been developed so as to implement a series of benchmarks to evaluate our approach. Experiments on HPC architectures show our approach scales. Moreover, a quantitative analysis of the benchmark’s codes show that our approach is compact and eases reuse.


International Peer-Reviewed Journals

Detecting convergent adaptive amino acid evolution
Rey C., Lanore V., Veber P., Guéguen L., Lartillot N., Sémon M., Boussau B.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.
Full text on BioRxiv
Fostering Reuse in Scientific Computing with Embedded Components: Application to high-performance Bayesian inference for bioinformatics
Lanore V.
Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE) - Special issue on Accelerating Scientific Discovery with Reusable Software.
Full text

International Peer-Reviewed Conferences

A Reconfigurable Component Model for HPC
Lanore V., Pérez C.
The 18th International ACM Sigsoft Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE’2015)
Montréal: Canada (2015)
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International Peer-Reviewed Workshops

Towards Application Variability Handling with Component Models: 3D-FFT Use Case Study
Lanore V., Pérez C., Richard J.
The 8th Workshop on UnConventional High Performance Computing (UCHPC’15)
Vienna: Austria (2015)
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National Peer-Reviewed Conferences

Easing Locking of High-Performance Call-Stack-Based Component Assemblies
(Simplifier le verrouillage d’assemblages de composants haute performance à pile d’appel)
Lanore V.
Conférence en parallélisme, architecture et système (Compas’2015)
Lille: France (2015)
Full text on HAL
On Scheduling Multi-level Applications
(De l’ordonnancement des applications multi-niveaux)
Lanore V., Klein C.
Conférence en parallélisme, architecture et système (ComPAS’2013)
Grenoble: France (2013)
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Technical Reports and White Papers

A Calculus Enabling Reuse and Composition of Component Assembly Specialization Processes
Lanore V., Pérez C.
Inria Research Report n°8761 (2015)
Full text on HAL
Evaluating Component Assembly Specialization for 3D FFT
Richard J., Lanore V., Pérez C.
PRACE White Paper n°182 (2014)
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Towards Reconfigurable HPC Component Models
Perez C., Lanore V.
International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS). IEEE, 2018.
Extended abstract for keynote talk by Christian Pérez
Abstract full text

External talks

(Internal team and project talks not listed. Conference talks with associated papers listed above as papers)

Detecting convergent amino acid evolution in the presence of mutational biases
SMBE Conference
Manchester, planned talk (Jul 22nd)
accepted abstract
Detecting convergent substitutions with sparse codon-based differential-selection models
ALPHY conference
Paris, February 8th
abstract - slides
Building high-performance bayesian inference applications with software components
Lyon, June 21st, 2018
A Reconfigurable Component Model for HPC
Ctrl-A seminar presentation
Grenoble, July 18th, 2015
Towards a Reconfigurable HPC Component Model
C2S@EXA Meeting
Bordeaux, July 10th, 2014
Static 2D FFT Adaptation Through a Component Model Based on Charm++ (preliminary results)
9th Workshop of the INRIA-Illinois Joint Laboratory on Petascale Computing
Lyon, June 14th, 2013

Participation to internship supervision

Conception et formalisation d’un mini-langage pour décrire des assemblages complexes à base de graphes
Maverick Chardet
L3 internship, summer 2015, 2 months
Implémentation et évaluation d’algorithmes parallèles de FFT 3D à base de modèles à composants logiciels
Jérôme Richard
M2 internship, summer 2014